VPN Service For Access Within China

Please note:

Chinese version of this page

This VPN solution is optimised to improve the student experience from within mainland China.
If you are not attempting to connect to University resources from within China please do not use this service.

If you need to connect to the University VPN from within Australia please use the following knowledgebase article instead: https://sydneyuni.service-now.com/sm?id=kb_article&sys_id=e10e1396db01b3485beaf9b7f4961981

Download and install the FortiClient VPN software for Windows or Mac:

Download the correct file for your device.Please note: this download may take some time, but once the VPN client is downloaded and set up in most cases your connection to University resources will be much faster.

Step through the installation process. When asked, accept the licence agreement, and allow the installation.

FortiClient VPN should now be in your list of installed programs.

To set up the FortiClient VPN software:

  1. Start the FortiClient VPN program
  2. Click the I acknowledge message and click I accept
  3. Click the Configure VPN link
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. VPN type: SSL-VPN
    2. Connection Name: USYD
    3. Description: leave blank
    4. Remote Gateway: please put in the details for your nearest city. If you are unable to connect to your nearest city, or if the service is very slow, try a different location.
      • Shenzen:
      • Shanghai:
      • Beijing:
      • Chengdu:
    5. Customize port: Tick, enter 10443
    6. Client Certificate: None
    7. Authentication: Save login
    8. Username: your UniKey username
    9. Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate: Tick
  5. Click Save
  6. At the login screen, enter your UniKey password. Click Connect

The VPN client will begin to connect. When it is complete you will see a screen that says VPN Connected.

To disconnect:

Go back to the FortiClient VPN window and click Disconnect.